Fractional COO Services

The Whole Shebang for Orgasmic Operations®

Business Laid Bare’s Fractional COO Program, The Whole Shebang, allows us to partner with our clients in the most intimate and impactful way. We step into the COO plus implementation team role in your business so that you whatever strategies we come up with together to execute your vision and hit your goals, you can rest easy that we’ll see it through to completion while you stay in your Visionary zone of genius.

As your Fractional COO, we become an extension of your team, working side by side to bring your vision to life and set up the operational systems and processes that makes achieving your financial and impact goals that much more smoothly.

As your Fractional COO and team, we’re here to achieve three key objectives:

  1. Assemble Your Orgasmic Operations®: We take pride in putting together the operations for your business, ensuring every piece fits seamlessly into the larger puzzle. From optimizing internal processes to refining revenue and marketing operations, we leave no stone unturned in our comprehensive and in-depth diagnostic process.
  2. Build Your Dream Team: Exceptional operations require exceptional talent. With our expertise and extensive network, we guide you in assembling your operations dream team—the powerhouse that will drive your success. Together, we’ll identify, attract, and develop key personnel who will become the backbone of your operational excellence.
  3. Empower Your Flourishing Future: Our commitment goes beyond mere implementation. We empower you to flourish long after our initial engagement. Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed for sustainable growth so that when we step out of the COO role, nothing changes! And should you wish for our ongoing support, we’re more than willing to continue as trusted advisors on your path to Orgasmic Operations®.

What does Operations Implementation Look Like?

We believe in transparency and leaving nothing up our sleeves. Just like our brand, we strive to lay everything bare, revealing the hidden intricacies of operations and bringing them to the forefront. We want you to see the process of how we build Orgasmic Operations® in our own business and for our clients. It’s not just a simple “sign up for [insert your app(s) of choice here].” It’s a strategic journey of careful planning, meticulous processes, and continuous refinement.

When our clients see their knowledge management systems, project management,  customer journey map, sales processes, and CRMs beautifully presented through various apps and software, it’s the culmination of our intentional People-First + Pleasure-Filled approach.

While we highly prioritize the privacy and protection of our clients’ Orgasmic Operations® strategies, we also believe in setting an example by showcasing how we bring each system to life—in this case, using Business Laid Bare’s Operations Audits. Here’s a quick n’ dirty overview of our process at work:

What Our Clients say

What's Included in Our Fractional COO Program

We have intensely high standards for what operational excellence looks likes for our clients, which means that half-assing doesn’t exist in our world. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us:

  1. Operations Audit: We’ll first conduct a thorough assessment of your operations to identify areas of improvement and growth opportunities, and provide you with a strategic roadmap of what we’ll operationalize/optimize and in what priority order.
  2. Implementation of Strategic Roadmap: We’ll work with you and your team to execute the strategic roadmap. By allowing your team to participate in implementation, it begins the mentorship/learning process of how they can champion a strategic operational eye when we say goodbye.
  3. Documentation and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for Implemented Processes: Create clear and comprehensive documentation to ensure consistency and knowledge transfer to your organization of the systems and processes we’ve created.
  4. Quarterly Planning Meetings: Participate in regular strategic planning sessions to align operational objectives with business goals and make necessary adjustments (or identify and create new systems to support your quarterly priorities).
  5. 2x Per Month Check-in Meetings: Check-in meetings to review progress, address challenges, workshop systems, and provide ongoing support.
  6. Mentoring and Identifying Key Ops Personnel: Provide ongoing guidance and support in identifying and developing key operational personnel for long-term success.
  7. Job Description Writing for First/Next Ops Roles Hired: After clarifying who you need on your operations dream team, we’ll craft detailed job descriptions to help you attract qualified candidates.
  8. New Hire Onboarding and Training Systems: Once your core systems have been built, we’ll create an effective onboarding and training program to enable seamless integration and development of new hires into your organization regardless of the role.
  9. Process Optimization and Efficiency Reviews: Continuously analyze and improve operational processes to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and drive productivity.
  10. Change Management Support: Change can be hard sometimes, so we’ll work with to make the process as well-lubricated as possible for managing and navigating organizational changes.
  11. Efficient Communication Channels: Between meetings, we’ll stay in constant contact with you and your team by utilize efficient communication methods, such as Slack, to ensure effective and timely collaboration.

How We Work

This is the overall timeline we’ll follow. A more comprehensive timeline will be provided once we know your business’ exact needs and goals.

Timeline + Investment

Our goal isn’t to stay as your COO forever. In fact, we take pride in working ourselves out of this job so that your business is set up to thrive. Our goal is to be out of your business as the COO in 12 months. After the program is over, we’ll happily step into the “operations consultant” role to ensure things stay smooth.

The investment for our Fractional COO Program begins at $8400.00 USD/month with a 12 month committment. Actual invoice depends on business structure, team, complexity, and needs.

People First, Pleasure-Filled, + Profit-Generating