About Business Laid Bare

Business Startup Consulting + Fractional COO services

Business Laid Bare is an operations consultancy helping underrepresented growth-stage startup Founders to create the operational infrastructure, systems, and processes that make scaling and managing growth for everyone involved filled with immense pleasure and ease.

Our Mission:

To inspire organizations to fall in love with their operations and what it can do for their Purpose, People, and Profits.

We believe that when Underrepresented-Led startups make a lot of money, they’ll use those profits to do good in the world. That’s why we use our Orgasmic Operations® Method to support these Visionary Startup Founders, so that when the reality of 5x, 10x, or 50x’ing their venture is met with genuine excitement rather than “secretly crying on the inside.”

Our Method: Orgasmic Operations

What we do consistently is what generates results. And the tasks we’re most likely to do repeatedly are the ones that feel natural, aligned and good to do.

Orgasmic Operations is founded on Human-Centered Design – a problem-solving approach that focuses on understanding the person or organization who experiences a problem and their needs, and then designing a solution that meets those needs.

We Value


Freedom is about ‘and’ statements – being able to be there for your business AND your family.

We strive for freedom in all we do, because obligations suck. And while constraints can be fun (under the right circumstances), they can also hold you back, tie you down and make you miserable.


Joy is living life on your own terms, and doing what makes you feel alive.

We prioritize joy because you shouldn’t have to run a business based on someone else’s rules. You should be able to run your business in a way that lights you up from the inside out and brings you laughter, satisfaction, and pride in what you do.


Integrity is about walking the walk, because otherwise you’re just full of hot air.
We never half ass projects and we treat clients the same way we treat ourselves because the way you do things matters. How we treat other people matters. And a legacy of “success” means nothing if your actions behind the scenes don’t match up.


Ease is about honouring who you are and what you need to thrive.

We create ease in our work because being in your zone of genius is great, but being in your zone of flow is even better. You might still have to do hard things, but they don’t have to make you want to claw your eyes out and eat the entire fridge.

Driven by… FOOD!

Meet the dynamic(ly dirty) minds behind Business Laid Bare. Our team shares a love of furry animals, good food, and (of course) sex puns!

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