Meet The Team

Get to know the brilliant(ly dirty) minds that will help you go from Hot Mess to “OH YES!”

Meet the Business Laid Bare Team!

Veronica Yanhs

Founder + CEO, She/Her

Veronica founded BLB after studying Product Design at Stanford because her forays into the corporate world, working for companies like Nike and Apple, revealed that she couldn’t follow somebody else’s cookie cutter plan – in business or in life! A project manager at heart, when she’s not working on the big picture vision for BLB, you’ll find Veronica carefully crafting Orgasmic Operations strategies.

A proud feminist, Veronica loves nothing more than helping her clients and team members discover something they didn’t know about themselves before – except being tied up and fed chocolate cake by her Partner, Curtis. Veronica proudly lives a 24/7 Dominant/submissive BDSM relationship. Her core values of Freedom, Joy, and Ease inform everything BLB does, and are why our branding is unapologetically kinky. It’s not about being sexy; it’s about being free to be all of us, and having a business that fills all of our needs.

Turn Ons:

Mekaila Frajman

Operations Manager, She/Her

Mekaila started out as a senior high math and science teacher at a Canadian international school in Egypt. When she came back home to Canada she started working as an educator and curriculum advisor at a marine life center. From riding camels to kissing sea lions it was time to get back into the classroom until she went on her first maternity leave.
During this time Mekaila built a small business, Huddy Buddies, from home and decided to focus her time and energy on building her company so that she could stay home and raise her children. Hudson (8) and Delilah (5) will both be in school in the fall so joining the Business Laid Bare team was an exciting opportunity. She applies all the things she has learned as an educator and a business owner to her work at Business Laid Bare!

Turn Ons:

Terri M. LeBlanc

Operations Strategist, She/Her

Terri M. LeBlanc is Business Laid Bare’s Woman Behind the Curtain. As our Operations Strategist, her strengths fall heavily in strategic thinking and executing. Terri loves to tease out the best and most efficient processes and pair them with just the right tool for your team. Want to see Terri really get turned on? Mention automations and Zapier and her eyes will absolutely sparkle with the possibilities.
When she’s not ensuring that our clients processes are well-lubed, Terri can be found wandering a TARDIS-sized independent bookstore, Swamp Fox Bookstore, she co-owns with two of her friends. She plays matchmaker with books and readers in search of their next great read. When she’s not recommending books, she spends hours reading, petting her cats, Selene and Simon; doting on her horse, Jezebel, and watching a good movie with her husband.

Turn Ons:

Don’t Forget The Furries!

Meet our CFO (Chief Furry Officer) Harper, and her team of fuzzy compatriots!


Chief Furry Officer

All laps belong to her.


King Derp

Doesn’t know how to fetch.


Professional Cord Chewer

Plays more fetch than Willis.

Jack Jack

Jack Attack

Loving, spunky + a bit of an asshole.


Expert Napper



Queen of All She Sees

Eff you, this spot is mine.

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