Industry Experience

At Business Laid Bare, we’re all about creating operations that truly make a difference for our clients with our unique approach: Orgasmic Operations®. By prioritizing people and infusing pleasure into operational processes, we unlock untapped potential and fuel sustainable growth, creating an environment where everyone thrives.

People-First, Pleasure-Filled, and Profit-Generating Processes.

Operations are the backbone of any business, turning dreams into reality. We dive deep into the industries of our clients, understanding the ins and outs, the unique challenges they face. This collaborative partnership allows us to craft tailored solutions that deliver real results. Our proven methodologies and expertise help us create an operational strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals and vision.

Here’s how we lubed up various industries:


What happens if your startup goes 50x tomorrow? Leverage Orgasmic Operations® in your venture to handle sudden rapid growth with pleasure and ease.

Business to Business (B2B)

Scale your B2B business with our tailored operational strategies that support sustainable growth while providing immense delight to your clients.


Maximize the impact of your FemTech + SexTech operations through streamlined efficiency, propelling innovation, driving meaningful change, and transforming the landscape of your industry.

Business to consumer (B2c)

Streamline your B2C operations to deliver seamless customer journeys, enhancing satisfaction and maximizing customer lifetime value.

E-Commerce + CPG

Optimize operations for seamless customer experiences to inspire long-term retention and efficiently manage growth and demand, no matter the size.


Maximize your non-profit’s impact with tailored operational solutions that enhance efficiency and effectiveness to create significant, positive change.


Elevate your SaaS business through streamlined operations, smooth sales processes, and exceptional customer experiences.

Food services

Drive operational efficiency in your food services business, optimizing workflows, reducing costs, and maximizing profitability while delighting customers.

we've created well-lubricated and Orgasmic Operations® for Many Industries

  • Business Coaching + Consulting
  • DEI Consulting
  • High-Performance Textiles
  • Prenatal + Postpartum Services
  • Branding Strategy + Design
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Women’s Intimates
  • Sexual Health Products
  • Non-Profits
  • Handbags
  • Yoga
  • Sexuality Education + Coaching
  • Amazon Listing Management
  • Accounting + Bookkeeping
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Venture Studios
  • SaaS
  • Education Consulting
  • STEM Professional Development
  • Food Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Marketing Automation
  • Corporate Burnout Relief
  • Men’s Facial Care
  • Hypnosis Therapy
  • Instructional Design
  • Kink + BDSM Toys
  • Dessert + Bagel Shops
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Marketing + Communication
  • IP + Legal Consulting

People First, Pleasure-Filled, + Profit-Generating