Attention: Small Business Owners and Startup Founders!

Running an Immensely Peaceful and Profitable Business Begins With Operations That Feel “Big O” Good. Period.

(Not more revenue, marketing channels, or team members)

The tools, templates, and action plans you need to kickstart your operations towards an immensely peaceful, predictable, and profitable business.

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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re feeling the pressure of “building the plane as you’re flying it,” constantly trying to stay ahead while everything’s in motion.
  • You feel scattered and all over the place, juggling so many balls and stressed that the ones you drop might be glass ones.
  • You’re in this messy middle where you’re working a lot more hours than you’d like.
  • Despite your best efforts, it feels like you’re stuck in a loop of putting out fires, reacting to issues rather than proactively managing your business.
  • You don’t feel in control because the business is running you instead of the other way around.
  • You know you need better systems and processes, but the overwhelming feeling of “I don’t know what I don’t know” paralyzes you from making meaningful changes.

Imagine…what if:

  • You woke up each day knowing exactly what needs to be done, with every process streamlined and every task in its place, allowing you to focus on what you do best.
  • Your business ran like a well-oiledlubricated machine, where every team member knows their role, systems are efficient, and operations are smooth, leading to increased productivity and profitability.
  • You have the confidence to grow or scale your business, armed with a solid operational foundation, knowing that your systems can handle growth without sacrificing quality or your sanity.

The great news is, these scenarios are possible when you have the right tools, templates, and action plans.


The tools, templates, and action plans you need to go from scattered and stressed to peaceful and profitable.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get:

100+ SOPs Every Business Needs

No more feeling stuck on what Standard Operating Procedures you need to create with this comprehensive collection of SOP ideas!

How to Create SOPs Efficiently + Effectively

The quickest way to a bottlenecked business is institutional knowledge. Learn how to create SOPs efficiently with different methods that help make knowledge/information transparent and actionable with consistent results. Your business and team members will thank you! 

Essential Operations Audit Checklist

Assess your existing operational landscape to pinpoint gaps and areas for improvement, ensuring no stone is left unturned for a seamless business flow.

How to Build Process Maps

Process maps effectively convey your operational intent because seeing is believing! We’ve found that when we turn something as behind-the-scenes as operations are into something visual and easy-to-digest, it’s much easier to get buy-in and feedback from the folks we request feedback for!


We lay out not just what systems your business needs for an immensely peaceful and profitable endeavor, but we’ll give you the exact order of when each system should be implemented with key action items for each system—we’re all about kinks, but not in your ops!

Operations 101: What Are Ops, Why It Matters, and How It Fits Into Your Business

This training covers the basics, from key definitions to real-world examples, showing you how the various pieces of the operations puzzle fit together. Designed for everyone in your team, it’s the perfect starting point to understand the backbone of any successful business.

Tech Stack Recs

This cheat sheet will cover the core software your business needs to run smoothly, our favorite recommendations, and tips to help you solidify which are best for your business.

In case you’re wondering...

“If this is so good…why is it so cheap?”

I know what you’re thinking…“This all seems too good to be true; there’s gotta be a catch.”

Here’s the deal: We’ve heard from countless clients how much they’ve been burned by operations strategists who either give them cookie-cutter solutions or pigeon-holed them through recommendations made limited to the software the ops strategist knew.

Our flavor of operations, Orgasmic Operations®, turns the traditional approach to operations on its head. Orgasmic Operations® starts with people. And when we thoroughly understand how team members work, visualize information, and thrive, we know how to create systems and processes that feel ORGASMIC—that’s what we mean by our “people-first + pleasure-filled processes”. 

We wanted to make your first taste of operations with us as smooth and low-risklubricated as possible to see if our approach to operations tickles your fancy. Operations can often feel hairy scary and overwhelming because there isn’t much educational and training content in the first place that doesn’t immediately smell corporate-y. When we can demystify and inspire you to get all hot n’ bothered over your operations…you win, and your wins are our wins.

Hey, I'm Veronica!

Having been in the operations industry for over a decade, I’ve worked and consulted with giants like Apple and Nike, to scrappy startups, to everything in between. I saw first-hand how crucial streamlined operations were to the success of our projects and businesses overall. Yet, they often were an afterthought or overlooked. It hit me that the root issue was the lack of approachable, engaging education around ops, coupled with rigid, robotic, and “one-size-fits-all” solutions that didn’t cut it. Unlike sales and marketing, it felt like operations was shrouded in mystery.

Drawing from my Product Design background from Stanford University, and a passion for human-centered design, I created Business Laid Bare to solve all these pain points.

That’s how Orgasmic Operations® was created. It’s all about ‘people-first + pleasure-filled’ processes, making operations not just effective but enjoyable for everyone involved. We teach operations in a way that’s easy to understand; we create processes that feel so good to use; we demystify operations so our clients are inspired and excited to work on them.

Our mission is to help our clients fall in love with their back-end operations, so that they can achieve their income and impact goals with more pleasure and ease. Transforming businesses into peaceful and profitable powerhouses with the magic of pleasurable processes is what we do best.

we've created well-lubricated and Orgasmic Operations® for Many Industries

  • Business Coaching + Consulting
  • DEI Consulting
  • High-Performance Textiles
  • Prenatal + Postpartum Services
  • Branding Strategy + Design
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Women’s Intimates
  • Sexual Health Products
  • Non-Profits
  • Handbags
  • Yoga
  • Sexuality Education + Coaching
  • Amazon Listing Management
  • Accounting + Bookkeeping
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Venture Studios
  • SaaS
  • Education Consulting
  • STEM Professional Development
  • Food Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Marketing Automation
  • Corporate Burnout Relief
  • Men’s Facial Care
  • Hypnosis Therapy
  • Instructional Design
  • Kink + BDSM Toys
  • Dessert + Bagel Shops
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Marketing + Communication
  • IP + Legal Consulting


Who is this toolkit for?
  • It’s designed for small business owners and startup founders looking to streamline and optimize their operations for scalability and profitability.
Can I use this toolkit if I'm new to operational strategy?

Absolutely! The toolkit is structured to provide clarity and actionable steps, even if you’re starting from scratch.

If I’m unhappy with my purchase, can I get a refund?

No, due to the digital nature of the toolkit, no refunds will be given. If this doesn’t feel like a no-brainer ROI to you, it’s probably not the right fit for your current season of business… and that’s okay!

How do I access my toolkit?

The toolkit will be hosted in our community. You’ll receive an email with login instructions on how to access your toolkit.

How soon can I access my toolkit?

You will receive an email with all the details immediately after your purchase.

What if I want to dive deeper into optimizing my operations after this toolkit?

We’ve got you covered! The Business Whip is our signature “done-with-you” program designed to provide even more hands-on, personalized support for your operational needs. Within The Business Whip, you’ll collaborate closely with our team and other like-minded businesses to refine and expand your operational systems in real-time. Consider this toolkit your first step; The Business Whip is where we roll up our sleeves and truly tailor your operations for scalable growth.

You can also Book a Tour of the program to see what goes on inside and speak to a live person to understand if this is the right program for you!