Operations Advisory

Continuous Consulting To Make Sure Your Orgasmic Operations® Stay Orgasmic

Aftercare keeps your systems well lubricated + feeling divine

Systems and processes are not a one-and-done thing. They grow and evolve with you as your business grows and evolves.
That’s why we offer Aftercare – a critical component of the Orgasmic Ops framework that keeps your systems in tip-top shape and capable of handling the load.

Regular Check-Ins + Needed Maintenance = Continuous, Perfect Alignment

As your business grows and changes, your goals and needs may change as well. Your systems have to adapt or they become outdated – and decidedly not orgasmic.

With regular consulting, maintenance, and tweaks to systems we’ve created for you in The Whip phase, we can help keep your operations fully lubed-up, and aligned to exactly where you want to go.

How It Works:

Every month we’ll pop back into your business, see how your systems are working, what needs tweaking, and where we need to apply more lube to keep things flowing smoothly!

We’ll hop on a call, assess what’s not working, and make whatever changes we need to keep things running orgasm-smooth.

Between calls, we’ll keep our conversations and updates to Slack, Voxer, or whatever messaging service your business uses for ease. Got a question about your operations strategy? Wondering why one of your client onboarding systems suddenly is chafing? Deciding between which two apps to choose? Need us to review an SOP? Ask us! Use us! We consent!

In addition to the monthly calls we’ll have together, you’ll get access to The Playbook: our constantly growing library of videos, training, best practices, templates, swipe files, and more.

Access to The Playbook will remain active so long as you are enrolled in Aftercare.

Not Sure it’s The Right Fit?

(That’s what she said…)
Let’s hop on a 30-minute connection call and see if we’re the right team to whip your business into shape!