How an operations-first approach allowed Center For Healing Racial Trauma to expand globally with ease

Integrated, predictable, and standardized systems make it easy to open new locations by hitting the ground running.
Case study banner showcasing Dr. Candice Hargons (Executive Director)'s photo, her business name (Center for Healing Racial Trauma), and brief descriptions about what they offer (Services, Trainings, and Workshops)

Meet Candice Hargons and Taylor Toney

Candice Hargons is the Executive Director of Center for Healing Racial Trauma—an organization with a global vision using therapeutic interventions to help racially and ethnically marginalized people heal from racism. She and her Operations Manager, Taylor, reached out to Business Laid Bare for help in creating the operational foundation and infrastructure so that rapid expansion as a whole organization could happen with ease while maintaining the integrity of each individual location.

CFHRT's Challenges

Even though Candice knew the importance of prioritizing operations from the get-go, CFHRT wasn’t brand new. They were already seeing clients, holding group sessions, and hosting workshops to medium and large-sized businesses. Still in the startup phase, the organization was bumping up against a team capacity ceiling—leaving both money and community impact on the table. They needed to get a solid structure in place so that essential information had somewhere to live (outside of Candice’s brain). 

While starting with a clean slate might sound nice, the team wasn’t feeling it.

Lost business meant less revenue—and less community impact

"What was at stake was missing out on clients. If all of the information wasn’t in place, it definitely took a lot longer than we wanted to reach back out to clients. We were losing business."

The team was constantly digging through emails, text messages, or getting on calls just to find the information they needed to get their day-to-day work done… a common challenge for startups.

It was frustrating for the team. Reaching their targets of opening new centers throughout the country, and serving the growing stream of clients inquiring about their services required a better foundation.

"We needed a team that had experience and could lead us in the spaces that we were lacking in. We needed somebody to help us create procedures. We needed somebody who’s very experienced, and could give us guidance and introduce us to new technologies. Business Laid Bare solved those problems."

Our Solutions

With the kind of strategic partner they needed in mind, Business Laid Bare was an easy yes for the CFHRT team. The backend ASSessment and complete systems build out was the right solution for this startup.

Our focus was on designing operational systems and procedures that are the foundation of the organization’s day-to-day.

Working with the Operations Manager, Business Laid Bare developed new standard procedures, workflows, and core systems—including project management and team communication—to keep the CFHRT running smooth as they grow.

The result? Buttery smooth bliss.

"I’m just thankful for this whole experience, because it definitely helped us move forward. We are scaling up the business, so having set operations and standard procedures helped that process and scaling up. We took on a lot of new clients this year, and expanded with our outreach programs. It was a big year, with big changes and transitions for us. Having this operation side dialed in definitely played a key part in executing a lot of this."
Taylor Toney
Operations Manager

CFHRT's Results

In short, CFHRT:

  • Experienced a 15% increase in revenue the next quarter AFTER BLB’s work was completed and
  • Reduced the founder’s hours by 35%

All while making every process streamlined and repeatable.

Business Laid Bare’s Orgasmic Operations Method® is flexible enough to work even with beginning stage startups. As soon as you have the vision for growth, Business Laid Bare can create the strategy to make it happen.

By building out foundational systems for team communications, Business Laid Bare got critical company information out of text messages and email chains, and into a centralized knowledge base.

Then, they gave Candice, Taylor, and and the team a strategic ClickUp build-out that helps everyone know exactly what they’re responsible for, when, and what they need in order to execute it.

Those systems alone can be life changing for a busy Operations Manager juggling lots of clients and projects.

"Having all of these processes in place, it’s like a weight has been relieved from me. And now moving into having additional help and support at the center, hiring will definitely be a lot easier. We don’t have as much to worry about now that we can bring on additional people with ease."
Candice Hargons
Executive Director

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