How this digital marketing agency increased client capacity by 30% & improved output quality with less effort & team oversight

Creating best-in-class client deliverables without burning out the leadership team.
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The Challenge

When ALX Creatives reached out to Business Laid Bare, it was easy to see the pain on their faces—and this was not an “It hurts so good” kind of situation. While Alex (Founder) and Lilly (Operations Manager) developed a well-earned reputation for their high-quality web design, branding, and social media services, things weren’t going as smoothly behind closed doors.

Their focus on creating excellent work came at the expense of smooth processes, systems, and standards that could be executed without the team needing to run every deliverable and sales deck past Alex and Lilly, the core leadership team.

“We had pitch decks that were all over the place, because we would make a new one for every single client or prospective client. It was like starting from scratch every time. We were all burning out and just not able to keep up with the amount of work… Especially the amount of work that we had to redo every time we started from scratch with every single client and lead.”

What do you do when the day-to-day of your business starts to pinch?

ALX was ready to grow and create the client experience and capacity that matched their team’s talent. 

To get them there, they needed a strategic partner to take their operations from “Ouch” to “Oh Yeah”… and do it fast. 

Our Solutions

When Alex and Lilly found Business Laid Bare through a referral, everything clicked. They knew that their work, team, and client experience needed a clear operations plan that was as unconventionally exceptional as they are.

The Business Laid Bare Orgasmic Operations® method hit the spot.

Combining a thorough assessment with team interviews, in-depth analysis, and customized systems recommendations, Business Laid Bare was able to smoothly upgrade ALX’s operations with the “Done-with-You” package. Even better, the process was carefully designed to put fewer demands on the already stretched-thin leadership team.

Essentially, they experience a thorough (business) backend Assessment and a top-to-bottom refresh of every operational system and touchpoint.

“It was like you found the simple solutions. You helped us find what we need and commit, which was really great."

Lilly knew they needed to upgrade their processes when the team started struggling to hit project timelines and maintain consistent quality when Lilly and Alex weren’t available to look over all the details.

What started as a tiny pinch had turned into a full-blown OUCH as their pipeline grew. Keeping up with the volume of projects coming in required repeatable systems that the team could lean on.

By conducting team interviews before building systems, Business Laid Bare was able to create an operations strategy and implement tools and processes that worked with the existing ALX team, minimizing friction and promoting team retention.

That attention to detail and the real humans who do the work made all the difference.

Lilly and Alex were amazed at how quickly they were able to scale up their capacity, and start leaning into their strengths once they weren’t the bottleneck for the whole team.

“I’ve already seen our team is able to use the resources that you’ve helped me create to answer their own questions, instead of going to me to ask what to do. Another big change is with Alex and business development. She’s pushing out decks and pitching like nobody’s business and it’s faster than it used to be.”
Lilly Scheerer
Operations Manager

ALX Creatives' Results

A 30% increase in client capacity and 50% increase in the amount of sales decks they can turn around each week—all while dramatically reducing the leadership team’s workload.

Business Laid Bare’s Orgasmic Operations Method® allowed the team to work together, play to their strengths, and freed them from ever having to start from scratch again. 

Now projects, pitching, and the client experience hum along with ease… Allowing ALX to expand their revenue goals and impact effortlessly.

Before, every pitch deck, project timeline, and task list was created from scratch. Not anymore.

With Business Laid Bare’s help, ALX was able to standardize their deliverables and processes, cutting the time it takes to pitch and serve clients in half. 

And while the team delights in the easy-to-use ClickUp system, Notion dashboards, and a library of templates, Lilly knows that the real transformation is something harder to see.

“I love your philosophy. Even the way I think about operations has changed in amazing ways.”

New guiding questions like “Does this feel right to you?” and “What do we need this to do?” now shape the systems and processes the ALX team develops—a strategy that’s way more effective than random Google searches and $47 templates.

"The work you did for us helps us keep our sanity, and also do the work—honestly it helps keep our clients happy. And when things are running smoothly with existing clients, we’re able to find new clients and sort of present our best selves and give them the best product that we can.”
Alex Frumberg

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