The Whip

Turn Your Roadmap Into Reality

The Whip is where we whip your business into shape – literally! The Whip is a full-scale implementation service, setting up the systems and processes outlined in the Assessment and putting them to work in your business.

Working with your team, or implementing on your behalf, we’ll take your business from “hot mess” to OH YES in as little as 3 months.

Orgasmic Operations™ Lead To Pleasurable, Productive, And Profitable Businesses

Customize Your Support To Suit Your Business Needs

After your Assessment, we can discuss which Whip is right for you, your business, and your team. Or, you can choose from the packages below!

The Crop

Duration: 5 months

Whip your business into shape yourself – with experienced supervision of course!

Together, we’ll take your timeline and action list from the Assessment and make it happen.

Working alongside your team or in partnership with your integrator or ops person, we sit in on meetings, set up regular check-ins, and supervise your team as they create the systems you all need to have Orgasmic Operations™.

You’ll also get direction on how to change and modify systems as we go. Cuz sometimes they’ll look good on paper, but pinch once you start using them! (And not in the sexy-pinch way!)

Investment begins at $3000 USD per month

The Crop Includes:

The Crop Includes:

The Crop Is Perfect For:

The Crop Is Perfect For:

The Flogger Includes:

The Flogger Includes:

The Flogger Is Perfect For:

The Flogger Is Perfect For:

The Flogger

Duration: 3 months

Let us do all the work and give your business backend the beating it deserves!

The flogger is a more intense process where we handle all of the implementations for you.
We still integrate with your team (because we’re building systems they’ll use) and tweak and modify systems to your specifications, but you don’t have to worry about this being one more task you have to put on your team.

Think of us as your human lubricant, slicking things up so your team can get to work, delivering on mission-critical projects in no time, because we’re inside your systems and will take care of everything!

Investment begins at $15000/USD (Cashflow-friendly payment options are available)

Whip Me Please, Veronica!

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We’ve tested + refined this method on dozens of clients, with all different kinds of businesses…

Meet Some Of Our Favourite Tools

If they’re not yours, don’t worry! We’re adaptable and have experience with a wide range of apps. We tend to recommend these ones because, like a great lube, they’re versatile, easy to use, and make everything more pleasurable.

Let’s Whip Your Business Into Shape!

Book your consult call and we’ll discuss if the Assessment is right for you, and which Whip would be the best to whip your business into shape.