The Business Whip's

Implementation Days

We get it — knowing what needs to be done and *actually* doing it are two different things.

That’s why Done-With-You (DWY) Implementation Days are the heart of The Business Whip. We don’t just talk strategy; we put it into action. Every week on Wednesday, for over 6+ hours, we roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty to strategize, solve problems, and help our clients strategize and implement their operational systems and processes. We bring our operational expertise to co-create with our clients’ ideas; what happens is systems and processes created in the most efficient AND effective way. 

And if you have an operations team member with you during these sessions, their participation and presence allows them to be trained to uplevel their operational skillsets, too. It’s about learning through doing and actively creating solutions on the spot.

Here’s some at what we accomplish with our clients together during DWY Implementation Days:
  • Setting yearly goals and evaluating what systems are needed to help achieve those goals.
  • Setting up a business’ ‘central hub’ in Notion.
  • Creating sales process maps and bringing that to life through various apps and automations.
  • Strategizing what team members can delegate to new hires and writing immensely clear job descriptions for those roles.
  • Building out Operations Blueprints to understand gaps and opportunities for optimization in their business.
  • Creating new hire onboarding and training content to set up team members for success.
  • Building automations in Zapier to automate a new client onboarding experience.
  • Strategizing and setting up a business wiki where all SOPs, templates, resources, and other brand assets can live and be easily accessed.

See Our Done-With-You Implementation Days in Action

The videos below are snippets from actual sessions, trimmed to give you the juicy bits. Big shoutout to our fabulous clients who enthusiastically consented to Business Laid Bare sharing these moments publicly to showcase just how awesome the support is:

Why Join The Business Whip and Participate in our Weekly Implementation Days?

  • Expert Guidance and Hands-On Support: More than just advice, it’s about expert, hands-on assistance We dive into your operational challenges and work alongside you and your team to build and refine systems and processes.
  • Custom-Tailored Operational Strategies: Every business is unique, and so are its operational needs. We focus on creating and implementing strategies that align with your specific business goals and growth plans.
  • Real-Time Problem Solving: Got a burning question or a tricky process you can’t quite nail down? DWY Implementation Days are your opportunity to get real-time solutions and immediate implementation.
  • Interactive and Collaborative Environment: It’s not a lecture; it’s a collaborative workshop. We encourage active participation, idea exchange, and hands-on learning to ensure everyone involved is engaged and benefits.
  • From Planning to Execution: Whether it’s building out a client onboarding process, setting up a new project management tool, or mapping out your next big launch, we cover all operational bases. You’ll leave each session with tangible progress.
  • Kinesthetic Learning: It’s not just about learning; it’s about applying new skills in real-time, upleveling your team’s operational expertise.
  • Accelerated Progress: Tasks that could take weeks alone, we conquer in mere hours – often less.

Straight From Our Clients

Hear firsthand how powerful our weekly Implementation Days are from our clients:

What is The Business Whip?

The Business Whip is our signature operations consulting program that includes weekly live “done-with-you” strategy + implementation days with #TeamBLB, tons of resources (trainings, templates), and a community of business owners and their ops team members working side-by-side with you to build the right systems your business needs to comfortably handle $1M+ in sales with pleasurable ease.