The Top 5 Tech Stack Must-Haves: Client Facing Operations for Startups

The Top 5 Tech Stack Must-Haves: Client Facing Operations for Startups

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As a startup, having a smooth and seamless client experience is crucial for success. This is because providing a positive experience for your clients is essential in building their trust and loyalty. It not only helps to retain current customers but also creates a strong reputation that will attract new clients. Having the right tech stack in place can greatly enhance the client experience by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and providing a seamless and smooth experience. 

We’ll be discussing the five essential client-facing systems and the tech options you could consider incorporating to support them. 

Before running out and BUYING/SIGNING UP for all the tech we are about to discuss it’s important for us to let you know that tech is the last thing you should think about as you are setting up your business operations. A well-thought-out tech stack should support the needs and requirements of your business operations plan. 

If you don’t have a business operations plan consider reading “Biz Ops: A Business Operations Playbook for Startups”  before jumping ahead to the tech.


  1. Meeting Scheduler
  2. Client Information Collection, Contracts & Proposals:
  3. Client Communication
  4. Payment Processing
  5. Client Deliverables

Meeting Scheduler:

When it comes to scheduling meetings with clients, Calendly is the way to go. It’s a user-friendly and efficient tool that eliminates the back-and-forth of scheduling via email or phone. Calendly allows clients to choose a time that works for them and automatically sends out calendar invites. It also integrates with your calendar, so you can see your availability at a glance. Having a meeting scheduler in place will ensure that you and your clients are always on the same page, and it will make the scheduling process a lot smoother.

Client Information Collection, Contracts & Proposals:

Collecting client information, managing contracts, and sending proposals can be a headache, but Dubsado makes it a breeze. Dubsado is an all-in-one client management system that allows you to collect client information, create contracts, and send proposals all in one place. It also allows you to automate follow-up emails, set up automatic invoicing and payments and even track your time spent on projects. Having all of this information in one place will make it easier for you to stay organized, and it will make the client experience a lot more efficient.

Client Communication:

When it comes to client communication, you want to make sure you have a tool that is reliable and easy to use. Email is still a great option for this, but for more real-time communication, apps like Slack or Microsoft Teams can be a great option. These apps allow you to have conversations with clients in real-time, share files and even make video calls. This can be especially useful for projects that require a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Payment Processing:

When it comes to payment processing, you want to make sure you have a system in place that is secure and reliable. Stripe and Zelle are two popular options for this. Both are easy to use and provide a wide range of features for processing payments, including the ability to set up recurring payments and automatic invoicing. And both are secure, meaning you and your clients can rest easy knowing that their sensitive information is safe.

Client Deliverables:

When it comes to delivering client deliverables, you want to make sure you have a system in place that is organized and easy to access. Notion and Google Drive are two great options for this. Notion is a powerful tool for organizing information and creating custom workflows, making it a great option for keeping track of client deliverables. Google Drive, on the other hand, is a great option for storing and sharing files. Both tools allow you to easily share deliverables with clients, and they make it easy for you to keep track of what has been delivered and when.

Secure Sharing of Credentials:

One of the most important aspects of client-facing operations is keeping sensitive information secure. This includes login credentials, financial information, and other sensitive data. To ensure security and ease of access, sharing credentials with a password manager like LastPass can be a great option. LastPass allows you to securely store and share login credentials with your team members, and even your clients, if necessary. It also provides two-factor authentication options, which can add an extra layer of security.

The Tech Stack:

By incorporating tools like Calendly, Dubsado, Slack, Stripe, Zelle, Notion, Google Drive, and LastPass, you can improve meeting scheduling, client information management, client communication, payment processing, client deliverables, and secure sharing of credentials. These apps will make your team more efficient and help them provide a smooth and seamless experience for your clients, which in turn will help your startup grow and succeed.

The Tech comes LAST:

It’s important to remember that not all apps will be perfect for your team, so it’s always a good idea to research a few different options and see which ones work best for your specific needs. Before you jump to the tech you should have a strong business operations strategy. With this, you can pick the tech that will best align with the needs of your business. So when it comes to Organismic Operations leave the tech out of it until you know exactly what you need to hit the G-spot in your client facing business operations.

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