The simplest way to create a system: a checklist!

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“Systems look daunting.”

“Systems look complicated.”

“I’m overwhelmed at everything that goes into creating systems.”

“I’m not tech savvy.”

Sound familiar? If these—or similiar—thoughts have gone through your mind when it comes to systems, this blog post will blast all those worries into oblivion.

You can create massively successful and awesome systems while knowing next-to-nothing about automations, integrations, and apps. Why? Because they’re not foundational. They’re actually distracting because you’re more likely to spend too much time figuring out and tweaking the apps, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But what is foundational and the simplest way to create a system without diving deep into apps: a checklist.

Yep. the answer to all your worries: create a checklist.

That’s it.

If you’re thinking, “That’s it?!”

Hell yeah! If the definition of a system is a repeatable method to achieve a specific result, a checklist certainly fits the bill.

Don’t tell me that you’ve NEVER felt that amazing sense of accomplishment (and confidence) from crossing all the things off your checklist of things you needed to do. I see you!

But, you can’t just create any checklist. There has to be a strategy. And the most important strategy your checklist needs to make it a complete system is creating sequential steps that lead to the same end result every time, the A-to-Z roadmap.

For example, if you were to create a checklist of your blogging system from brainstorming blog posts all the way to promoting it on various social media platforms, the steps in the checklist have to progress in the same consistent manner without jumping around. Meaning, you always start with the brainstorming, then researching, then drafting, then editing, then uploading, etc.

You can’t start with the editing stage before drafting, obviously. But not all systems are as logical and “DUH!” straightforward as blogging.

Remember: simple is sexy.

Don’t overcomplicate things when you don’t need to because other people tout their complex and elegant apps.

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