3 Systems Your Business Needs Right Now

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Everything in your business can be systematized…everything.

I’ll keep saying this until the cows come home: EVERYTHING in your business can be systematized…everything.

Because the more you systematize, the more you’re able to step away from being your own employee and up into the head honcho role. The more you systematize, the less your business depends on you to keep it going.

But, you can’t just systematize things and keep it in your head. That’s only part of the game.

Until your business systems are written/documented out on (preferably digital) paper, it exists solely in your head. That means it can’t be duplicated or replicated. And if you are the only person who knows how to get the job done, and you happen to not be there, your business can grind to a halt.

So, if you’re at the point where everything feels overwhelming because you’ve got so many competing and pressing priorities that demand your attention NOW, what do you systematize first?

Ready to get down and dirty? Here are my top 3 systems your business needs right now:

  1. Things you can’t wait to get off your plate — these are activities you just don’t want to be doing, even if you are capable of getting it done. Examples: video editing, creating social media graphics, managing email.
  2. Things that have a lot of moving pieces or passes through many sets of hands — these are the activities that have the highest probabilities of (the often little) details slipping through the cracks, which then slows down your ability to do your job well and efficiently, as well as leaving a less-than-stellar taste in everyone’s mouths, including your customers. Example: client onboarding, in-person events, joint venture activities.
  3. Things that are easy to systematize — like someone experiencing writer’s block while staring at a blank page, creating systems for small and easy things build your momentum and confidence to do more. Starting with the easy things in your business quickly build up your business backend playbook for you to piggyback off of. Examples: digital and physical receipts, guest blog/podcast pitching, keyword research for SEO.

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