How I Manage My Projects and Tasks with Trello

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I love juggling balls, just not more than I can physically handle

Hands down, I’m a fan of consolidating. The less I have to hunt for something, the better. The less I have to keep an out on multiple things, the better. Knowing me, the fewer balls I have to juggle simultaneously, the happier I am and the lower my anxiety and stress levels are.

And that’s how I’ve set up my Trello system, too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got tons of different boards in each of my businesses, like:

  • Course launching
  • Content marketing
  • Membership site content planning
  • My affiliates project I’m working on
  • Hosting a virtual summit
  • Batch creating a quarter’s worth of content
  • Webinar planning
  • Hiring, Onboarding, and Delegation
  • My Operations Playbook
  • Shop content
  • Client work
  • Guest Blogging and Podcasting Pitching

The list goes on. And, let’s be real, if I’m having to look at all those boards every day, it means I’m:

  1. Lack direction and am not being productive.
  2. Context switching and doing different tasks for different things.
  3. Have an inefficient system that slows me down more than anything.

I’m not a computer.

Nope, I have 1 point of entry a.k.a. 1 board I always start with first. And it’s fabulous. This is how it looks like:


Enter my Projects + Tasks Workflow Board

My Projects + Tasks Workflow board is my absolute favorite. It’s how I get so much done in a relatively short amount of time. I’ve set it up in a way that allows me to put all my different boards, projects, and tasks into this one “master” board.

This board allows me to see everything that I am working on in one board, and where each project or task is along the “To Do/Doing/Stuck/Done” pathway, so I know what needs tending to so that deadlines and timelines are met. I also have an Ongoing list to remind me of the things that I have to do that have no end date.

Additionally, I have a list completely dedicated to my ideas for things I want to do. I call it my Inbox. It’s pretty much the same ideas as your email inbox: all mail goes there, and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it after (file away, delete, reply to the email, etc.).

I absolutely love the way I’ve organized all my ideas, tasks, and projects.

This board has been instrumental to my business. It has directly contributed to my business generating revenue with ease and the confidence that I’m not dropping any balls.

You can have it (along with my 90 Day Project + Goal Planning worksheet)!

But wait, there’s more! This board wouldn’t be as orgasmic if it weren’t for the awesome ability to link other cards and boards! Yeah, that’s right!

Linking Cards and Boards in Trello

The reason I’m able to have a master board of sorts is Trello’s ability to link to other cards and boards inside of a card. I call it linking; Trello calls it attachments.

Here’s Trello’s tutorial on how to attach cards and boards.

Let’s say, for example, I’m wanting to host a virtual summit in the next few months.

  1. I would create a separate board for the virtual summit.
  2. Create a card in my Projects + Tasks Workflow and create a card titled Virtual Summit.
  3. I open that card and attach the virtual summit board to the card I just created.

Below is another example of card and board linking, except this is for how I delegate work to my virtual assistant!

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