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Does your business need a good spanking? Well if you are a CEO, an entrepreneur, a creative, a hustler, or if you are ready to run your business and live a life with unapologetic freedom and orgasmic joy- you came to the right place!

Here you will learn why it’s important to set up systems and processes to make your business run smooth like a well-lubricated machine. You will also hear about my personal journey and why I’m so passionate about what I do. I’m Veronica Yahns and if you think your business needs to be whipped into orgasmic shape, then who better to do that than myself? I am a firm believer in doing things that feels good to us because once it feels good we want to do it over and over again and it’s a huge plus when we can turn pleasurable things into profits.

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Welcome to The Business Whip podcast. Our show is dedicated to building pleasurable, productive, and ultimately profitable businesses. This podcast is for CEOs, entrepreneurs, creatives, hustlers, and people who are ready to run their business and live a life with unapologetic freedom and orgasmic joy!

I’m Veronica Yanhs, CEO and founder of Business Laid Bare where we help CEOs, who’ve had a huge uptick in revenue, rebuild their operations to make the next level of business orgasmic. So every day I work with CEOs who, instead of celebrating and being over the moon from their business doubling or tripling in monthly revenue, are actually pulling out their hair and feeling overwhelmed, even though on the outside, it looks like everything is going their way.

They’ve had a huge uptick in demand, clients, and revenue. They have a team that they’re working with and it just looks like they’re living that freedom-filled life that having their own business affords them. But when you pull back the curtains, their businesses are anything but orgasmic to them. They’re working even longer hours, unsure if the team they put together is trustworthy and dependable, and nothing in their business feels smooth or easy. I’m talking about business chub-rub here. In short, it’s a hot mess and that’s where me and Business Laid Bare come in!

I transform those businesses from “hot mess” to “Oh, Yes!” through implementing operations that feel orgasmic so that their businesses are running like well-oiled or should I say, well-lubricated machines. We’ll be talking about backends a lot. Specifically, your business back end and your business operations because when your business is well lubricated, it’s going to feel so good to you, your team members, and your clients and customers. Here you’re going to learn about the strategies and systems I’ve created and honed over time that put people first so that you can trust your team and not feel like you’re the only one who can do things to your standards. I’m here to show you that when your operations; meaning your systems & processes, and standard operating procedures (to name a few), are created for people beginning with you who is the visionary of your business, followed with empathy, joy & alignment, delegating tasks, making money, changing client’s lives, and truly stepping into the CEO role of your business – these are things that can be done with ease. And that’s what this podcast is about! Giving you the mindset shifts, tips, and actions from me along with stories from my clients and other CEOs that you can implement today so you can start running your business with immense pleasure and trust (of course), in your team and yourself. Hell yes! I consent to all of this and I hope you do too. And if so, let’s get it on together and whip your business into orgasmic shape.

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