Episode 15- Simplicity in Your Systems with Mariana Peña

In this episode, Mariana offers us a look into how she bridges the gap between facilitator and learner experiences to help create courses that make an impact. She believes that working with people of color will change the landscape by offering different perspectives of the world. We talk about what this means, and she shares why it is something she is so passionate about. Be sure to tune in to hear it all!

Episode 13- Empowering Women to Embrace Their Sexuality with Thien-Kim Lam

Today we are joined by Thien-Kim Lam who is on a mission to empower women’s sexuality, both on the page and in the bedroom. We discuss how sex plays into Asian culture and how some of us had to resort to books for our sexual education. Thien-Kim explains how Asian people are typically represented in books and the media and how the lack of seeing people like herself in romance novels led her to become an author.

Episode 11- Creating Orgasmic Operations ™

Today, I am joined by Terri M. LeBlanc, our very own business operations strategist at Business Laid Bare. We discussed the ins and outs of our Orgasmic Operations ™ framework that serves as the foundation of our work. And more importantly, we share how you can begin applying these same principles in your business so that your operations are orgasmic, efficient, and well lubricated.

Episode 10- Vacation Proofing Your Business

Today, I’m joined by Mekaila Blasko, my amazing assistant, to talk about how to prepare your business for you or anyone on your team to take a vacation and feel great about it.
**Spoiler alert** Being able to take a vacation and be fully present in that experience comes down to intentional planning and preparing your business with systems and processes.

Episode 8 – The Skills Founders Need to Succeed with Tai Hutchinson

In this episode, we talk about what it takes to succeed as a founder in the tech startup space. Tai offers practical advice for avoiding common pitfalls and shares her thoughts on why operations should be a priority for all founders. We also get to hear about her unconventional career path into venture capital.

Episode 7 – Satisfy Your Needs by Hiring the Best Support for Your Business

In the online world, it seems that the answer to everything, when you’re growing and hitting capacity, is to hire a VA or a virtual assistant.

Spoiler alert! That’s not always the right answer. Just because it worked for your friend’s business or your business role model’s business, doesn’t mean that it’s the answer for you. That’s the biggest trap you can fall into.