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“What is it like to work with Business Laid Bare?”

Honestly, it’s like having a really good orgasm. You know, that totally blissed out, fully relaxed feeling you get after having a really good orgasm. That’s exactly what it feels like to work with Veronica.

There is such a palpable sense of relief. Having worked with her on my systems, even just organizing my business, Veronica has a way of making my brain make sense for me.

Caelin Aerin

Anti-Capitalist Marketer + Copywriter

“How has Business Laid Bare helped you?”

I feel so much more confident in my role because things are simpler. The way that Veronica puts things, the way that she helps, and the way that she challenges me is unlike any other.

If you are looking into project management, or if you are a project manager and you are overwhelmed, Veronica is the person for you. She’s definitely the person for me and I can’t wait to continue and see how far and how amazing this gets.

Desiree Schultz

Senior Project Manager

“Huge shoutout to Veronica Yanhs!”

After taking me through The Assessment, I had a good cry and she supported me through the entire process. It was overwhelming in such a motivational way. I know what I need to start building the operational foundations that will help me through those emotional and financial up-levels!!

Crystal Carnahan

CEO, Zenfully Aware

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