Orgasmic Operations® October

It’s what your business is screaming for!

Join us for a 4-part operations workshop series happening each Wednesday in October.

No more, "I know operations are important...but it's so...unsexy..."

Most of the time when we begin working with new clients, they say things like:

  • “I know I need operations but that’s about all I know.” OR—
  • “I didn’t know this was an operations issue.” OR—
  • “I don’t know exactly how good operations benefit my business.”
We could spend most of this page focusing on your pain points, but you already know where you’re straining against the ropes. Instead, let’s do what we do best, let’s talk about your pleasure points.

Because that’s the secret to Orgasmic Operations® October.

Four weeks, four tantalizing topics that focus on good operations whipping your business into pleasurable and easeful shape with the What, the How, the Who, and the Why.

You’ll learn:

  • What Orgasmic Operations® actually means in your business
  • How operations plays with your sales, marketing and user experience
  • Who is on your Orgasmic Operations® Support team within your company
  • Why Orgasmic Operations ® is the pleasure center for your entire organization.


And of course, this happens on our favorite day of the week – HUMP DAY!

Calling All Company Owners and Ops Managers!

Join us on our quest to educate more businesses about operations so they can dominate their growth strategy, improve team member satisfaction, and create more pleasure on a daily basis for their clients and customers.

Sign up for the entire series (FOR FREE) and we suggest getting your team in the room with you too while we do this—because we focus on your team first in all of our processes.

Know someone who needs this? Send them this link! Friends don’t let friends have bad ops that cause massive chafing.

Orgasmic Operations® October Workshop Series Agenda

Session 1 — Operations 101 (10/5)

This session will define what operations are, their importance, and why you need to care for the health of your business. We’ll shed light on operational issues you may not realize are issues. Like, “I went through 5 virtual assistants in the last 5 months.” Or, “Proposals take me about 6 hours to write.”

Session 2 — Orgasmic Operations® = Pleasurable Profits (10/12)

Now that we’ve defined the “what,” we’ll focus on “how” operations play into the client-facing side of the business — sales, onboarding, user experience, etc. With our expertise, we will pull on case studies we’ve gathered and share applicable knowledge to keep you from making the same mistake others have had to endure.

Session 3 — Your Team’s Orgasmic Operations® Support (10/19)

Once your ideal user experience is established it’s time to focus on “who” is in charge of what actions on the internal side of the business. This session will talk about how to define roles for your team to handle things like project management, team communication, knowledge base, etc.

Session 4 — Orgasmic Operations® and You (10/26)

In this session we’ll answer “why” the Orgasmic Operations® Method is the way to go — how we’re different, how we approach working together, and how businesses can begin to apply this information to their own processes. We’ll talk about the interconnectedness of systems and how apps are just the tip of the systems iceberg, too.

Every Hump Day (Wednesday) in October at 11am PT.

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Meet your host: Veronica Yanhs

From the spreadsheets to the bedsheets I am completely open about who I am: CEO, kinky, and feminist. Creator of the Orgasmic Operations® Method, the Business Laid Bare team and I help impact-driven organizations who focus on doing good AND doing well make the daily work experience, increasing profits, and creating lasting change filled with immense pleasure and ease.

Business Laid Bare is unlike any other organizational process and systems management company. Instead of focusing just on the tools and tactics, we focus on Human-Centered Design to create the strategy that makes your business even better. 

We are transforming how organizations approach, design, and run their operations: one people-first and pleasure-filled process at a time.

Ready to make your operations ORGASMIC?