Just The Tip: Where is it sticky?

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Business is already hard enough as it is

It gets infinitely harder when you’re forced to do things that don’t align with who you are and how you want and best show up in this world. So, if you’re reading this email, pop this cherry with me! I’ve found something that allows me to show up in my business that gets me all hot and bothered.

Operations are all about taking action, which is why I’m curating this weekly email with ONE actionable tip for you to take. Some will be quick n’ dirty, some will be meaty…but they’ll all lead to helping you create more Orgasmic Operations® in your business.

Being a people-first operations business means we ask our clients A LOT of questions. Questions that have them going, “What?! Why does this matt-…OHHHH!” Because there’s no point in going into solutions mode if we don’t thoroughly know the system/situation and the people involved. If I created the perfect client onboarding experience that was exactly the opposite of how my client’s brain and business work, they’re gonna be pretty confused no matter how many chef’s kiss gestures I make.

Your ONE actionable tip:

Pick ONE area in your business that feels sticky (or a drag to do or feels harder to accomplish than it should be) and write down reasons WHY it feels this way.

So what?

You can’t solve a problem unless you know why it needs to be solved. So, let’s time to take stock so you know what to do next. We do this with our clients on the daily, and their reactions are all very diverse…so whatever you feel, it’s 100% valid.

Some examples include (taken straight out of our clients’ mouths):

  • I haaaaaaate creating social media content because it feels forced and not me.
  • Onboarding clients are always a drag because everything feels so manual.
  • 1:1 work sucks because I’m constantly coming up with new worksheets for clients but spend so much time creating them that I don’t send them out to my clients to fill out by their next session.
  • As a branding agency, we have to create pitch decks, but they take forever because we’re always constantly starting over.

After you jot down your reasons, you can more easily see the issues and begin addressing them. And if you don’t feel like you’re the right person to fix these problems, find people who can.

Crave some more?

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