Business Operational Plans for Startups: 4 Things You Must Include

You'll learn four critical components that should be included in a business operational plan for startups. From setting clear goals and objectives to identifying potential risks and developing strategies for dealing with them, a well-constructed operational plan is essential for the success of a startup.
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Do you have a detailed-driven, actionable plan that delineates the goals and processes within your company being used to reach your milestones?

The small, day-to-day functions each employee is responsible for can lead to climactic profits and the achievement of your operational goals. 

If your startup doesn’t have a robust business operations plan in place, you may be destined to continue swimming upstream without a paddle, working in circles, and losing valuable time and revenue.

Why an operational plan is essential for positive, pleasure-filled operations success

It is imperative to have a roadmap in order to achieve a scalable, sustainable, and orgasmic business.

Think of all the things you do in a day. All of the steps you go through and how that would affect your bottom line if just one of those steps were missed. 

That is where an operational plan comes in. We build the roadmap, you execute and succeed. That’s where the magic happens. 

Do you feel like things are running as smoothly as you’d like (or not at all), but aren’t quite sure where to start?

We’ve got you! Check out the four things needed to check off in order to work towards a pleasure-filled process.

Four crucial processes to ensure operations success

There is no better place to start than the beginning. Get ready to pop your operations cherry with our instrumental audit assessment intel below. 

After your consultation call, this is how The Assessment will work:

  • Step 1 – Book it!
  • Step 2 – Prep it!
  • Step 3 – Assess it!
  • Step 4 – Debrief it! 

We will audit your business and follow up with the guide in order to execute a solution. What does that look like for you?

Tech Stack Audit

Beginning by taking a look at how all of your apps and automations work together, we can pinpoint the pitfalls, rooms for improvement, and ways to create more efficient streamlining.

Business Blueprint

Let’s design a master plan for your business. By taking a look at key systems and how they work with one another, we are able to draft up what a profitable business would look like for you.

Priority Roadmap

After we create the blueprint, we can prioritize the correct way to lay out the systems, what should be focused on, and when.

BizOps Action Plan

Now it’s time to put it all into action with a business operations action plan. Let’s decide what is best to take action on immediately and what is needed for continual ease and growth throughout your plan.

There are also additional key components that go into whipping your operations plan into shape. 


Do you have systems and processes in place that enhance revenue generation? Instead of having sticky note reminders to complete next steps, having automations in place to ensure nothing gets forgotten or lost along the way, is crucial.

What about critical standard operating procedures to ensure smooth execution? You have your systems, but ensuring everyone knows how to use them will determine upward mobility for your business, as well as your employees. 

How well do you know your team? A confident and knowledgeable staff will allow you to focus on your zone of expertise while everything you delegate goes off without a hitch. 

Do you have metrics in place, along with key performance indicators, to know when and how to make smart business decisions? You don’t know what you don’t know. Keep track of everything to understand your bottom line and how to adjust. 

Last but not least, how do you measure your success? Without tangible goals, you will not be able to address needed improvements and celebrate hard-earned achievements.

Don’t get caught in the dark

We are here to bring awareness to the importance of having an operational plan. Business Laid Bare is here for people first, pleasure-filled businesses.

We understand startups are hard. They come with lots of bumps, bruises, and learning curves. We are here to help you slide into your operations strategy with ease. No pain, all gain!

Don’t let the overwhelming fear of not knowing where to start, prevent you from taking that first step. It takes a lot of courage to be an entrepreneur and even more courage to allow the experts to help guide you through something (your business) you worked so hard to build. 

The key to creating a successful, modular startup that is able to grow with ease and robustness, is having a strong operational plan. 

Join us today for your Orgasmic Operations® experience!

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