Just The Tip: Document how your brain works

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How does your brain work?

Did you know that in kink, you can play with more than just someone’s body? When you go deeper, playing with someone’s mind and body takes things up many notches. Personally, that’s how I love to play, which is why I’m selective about who I play with. When you can keep my attention, keep me guessing, outsmart me…you have me. When you play with my brain, we create this connection that’s so much deeper and more pleasurable. It’s so much more enjoyable than just being bent over and spanked and feeling like my play partner is not present with me.
After all, my brain is my largest erogenous zone.
It should be yours as well, especially in operations.
To get to this level of pleasure and satisfaction, I had to document and communicate to my partners how my brain worked. It required me to think about what kind of play I loved and how I desired to be played with. It required a lot of introspection.

Your tip of the week:

When it comes to operations, write down and document how your brain works and how you operate. It’s going to be the difference between a mediocre vs ORGASMIC and out-of-this-world experience with your team.

Why does this matter?

For example, when my team knows I’m a highly visual person, they bring me content or strategies to review that makes it easy for me to do so. It’s so much easier for me to see a process map, a mind map, a flow chart, or a decision tree instead of seeing a document with just bullet points. It just clicks with my brain and makes the exchange efficient and pleasurable for everyone. Win-win.
Another example is that quite a few of our clients have ADHD. They’ve told their team members that videos that are ten minutes or longer do that get action’d upon because they literally cannot keep all that information. They lose track. So, their team has learned to be really concise in their videos if needed or create bulleted punch lists for them. Procrastination is all its all-time low. Things are getting turned around faster than ever. Win-win.
A final example is one of my favorites from our very own Business Laid Bare team member, Terri. She explained that she’s the type of person who “cannot make something from nothing—if you tell me to make a box from six pieces of cardboard, I will have the hardest time. BUT! If you show me a box and ask me to make it better, I’m going to make you the best box that ever was.” With that information in mind, if we needed to take a ton of information and organize it in a spreadsheet, I’m already forming ideas and columns on how to organize it. I’m the opposite of Terri—I’m really good at creating something from nothing. So, a quick bit of guidance from me allows Terri to run with the organization task with confidence, ease, and swiftness. Win-win.
Orgasmic Operations® starts with People-First. Always.
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  3. Check out last week’s tip—Create naming conventions for your standard operating procedures.

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