Create Naming Conventions for Your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

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The More The Merrier

There are things you should have a TON of—condoms, lube, dad jokes, fry sauce, and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
SOPs help you and your team create consistency because they are a set of step-by-step instructions that can be followed so that you always output the same result. It’s one of the core foundations of helping a business run autonomously (without tying the CEO down—unconsenually—to the business running successfully).
But what happens when you have hundreds of SOPs (as you should)? Would your eyes roll back in anxiety or pleasure? We’re #TeamPleasure, duh! We want you to look at your vast number of SOPs and be excited that your business is this well documented and that no matter how many you have, you and your team know how to find what you’re looking for to use!

Your tip of the Week:

Create naming conventions for your standard operating procedures (SOPs) so that they are easy to organize, find, and be used!
Naming conventions look different in every business. The most important thing is that these need to work for your business. Let’s use the example, “How to set up tech for new team members”, as an SOP the business has.
You could do something as detailed as SOP-HR-00# (How to set up tech for new team members) or something as simple as [SOP] How to set up tech for new team members.
The most important thing is to do whatever 1.) makes sense for your business and 2.) is sustainable to keep up. If you and your team need that degree of organization so you can find it, go for it.
Business Laid Bare uses the latter naming convention. Why so simple, you ask? Because we have baked into our operations strategy to make searching for SOPs easy in our Knowledge Base (wink, wink! Look out for this tip in the future). We don’t need to build in the departments and numbers (the HR-00# part) because our Knowledge Base is dynamic (not static) and has the contextual information we need. The [SOP] denotation gives us a quick heads up when we open the Google Doc on what to expect from that documentation.
Here are some examples of simple naming conventions to help you get some ideas:
  • [Template]
  • [Checklist]
  • [For Clients]
  • [Reference]

When you’re ready, here’s how I can help:
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  3. Check out last week’s tip—lean on your sales inquiry questionnaire to minimize time spent prepping for the call.
  4. Need SOP ideas?—download our 50+ SOPs Ideas Guide

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