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aka Friends With Benefits!

Let's literally be friends...with benefits!

Referrals mean the world to us; sending you money is the easiest for us to say ‘Thank You’ for sending clients our way. We’re so grateful that you believe in our business so much and the good that we can do for businesses.

How the Friends With Benefits Program works

We’ve created Cliff Notes from the Referral Program’s Terms and Conditions:

  • For every client you send our way, we’ll pay you 15% of their payments.
  • Your payments will follow our clients’ payment plans—if they Pay in Full, you’ll be paid once; if they opt for a payment plan, your commission will be paid according to their pay schedule.
  • If the client says you AND another person (or people) as who referred them, all mentioned parties split the 15%.
  • Commissions apply to the following programs:
    • The Assessment
    • The Whip
    • The Accelerator
    • The Whole SheBang (where we package together Assessment, Whip, and Aftercare)
  • Payments to you will be paid within 30 days of the funds landing in our bank.
  • All commissions are paid out in U.S. Dollars through PayPal.
  • The Commission Rate is subject to change from time to time—we’ll email you to let you know.

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