Systems Hack: Screen Record Your Processes

Don’t have time for systems? Wish someone could just pluck your how-to and knowledge from your brain? Consider your wish granted. Welcome to the world of screen recording your processes. This is the best way that you can record how you work and also how you want your work to be completed. Since you’re doing […]

This simple systems framework works for all businesses

No matter what kind of a business you run, your systems must be unique to you. Cookie-cutter, copycat templates stop here, because they do you zero good. Even if you and your best friend opened cash-only bakeries next door to each other where you both ONLY sold red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting on […]

The simplest way to create a system: a checklist!

“Systems look daunting.” “Systems look complicated.” “I’m overwhelmed at everything that goes into creating systems.” “I’m not tech savvy.” Sound familiar? If these—or similiar—thoughts have gone through your mind when it comes to systems, this blog post will blast all those worries into oblivion. You can create massively successful and awesome systems while knowing next-to-nothing […]

3 Systems Your Business Needs Right Now

Everything in your business can be systematized…everything. I’ll keep saying this until the cows come home: EVERYTHING in your business can be systematized…everything. Because the more you systematize, the more you’re able to step away from being your own employee and up into the head honcho role. The more you systematize, the less your business […]

What is a (Business) System?

So, “what is a business system?”, you ask? …you’re not exactly sure what this word all means, but you know that it’s something you should probably be looking at as a business owner. What you DO know is that in your business right now, you’re: constantly playing catch-up and can’t get ahead of your to-do […]