All About Trello Custom Fields

What Are Custom Fields in Trello?? Custom Fields is a Trello Power-Up that adds some big flavors to your Trello cards. And by flavor, I mean more context and information. Custom Fields allows you to add relevant-to-you (and your team) information to your cards in a way that makes sense for you. Sounds pretty vague, […]

How I Manage My Projects and Tasks with Trello

I love juggling balls, just not more than I can physically handle Hands down, I’m a fan of consolidating. The less I have to hunt for something, the better. The less I have to keep an out on multiple things, the better. Knowing me, the fewer balls I have to juggle simultaneously, the happier I […]

My Personal Step-by-Step Plan for Massive Productivity

Besides systems, one of my favorite things to do is help people unlock their productivity secret-sauce to get massive shit done. I do this by helping them discover how they work best and honoring who they inherently are. Trust me when I say this: you are enough exactly as you are. Regardless of who you […]

How to Prioritize Your Tasks Effectively

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