[Just The Tip] Set Team Communication Standards

Are you Just talking or actually communicating? SOPs aren’t the only thing that helps keep a business well-lubricated. Here’s another consideration: how you and your team communicate. Talking is getting a message or information across. Communication is taking it one step further where that information/message is successfully received—either as an FYI or for further action. Business Laid […]

Just The Tip: Document how your brain works

How does your brain work? Did you know that in kink, you can play with more than just someone’s body? When you go deeper, playing with someone’s mind and body takes things up many notches. Personally, that’s how I love to play, which is why I’m selective about who I play with. When you can […]

Just The Tip: Where is it sticky?

Business is already hard enough as it is It gets infinitely harder when you’re forced to do things that don’t align with who you are and how you want and best show up in this world. So, if you’re reading this email, pop this cherry with me! I’ve found something that allows me to show […]