Download The Catalyst's Happy Birthday Bonus!

Instead of birthday spankings, we thought this was much more appropriate, efficient, and easier to deliver.

Manage your guest speaking engagements with ease

Inside this bonus you’ll:

  • Get access to our tutorial on how to manage your guest speaking engagements (and the activities you need to do!) with ease.
  • Download the task template in ClickUp so that you can one-click import it into your app. If you don’t use ClickUp, you can modify it to your app of choice.
  • Easily keep track of all the important information, tasks, assets, dates, and downloads in one place so that showing up is easy.

Hi, I'm Veronica.

From the spreadsheets to the bedsheets I am completely open about who I am: CEO, kinky, and feminist. Using my Orgasmic Operations® method I help CEOs create well-lubricated and orgasmic digital operations to make their next level of business insanely pleasurable, productive, and ultimately profitable.

At Business Laid Bare, a digital operations agency, we strive to create human-centered operations that focus on the people doing the work, hold space for clients without judgment, and create solutions that are rooted in empathy, compassion, and embracing differences that make people unique.