How this SaaS platform increased efficiency & client capacity by 4x (without burning out)

"It used to take us 30 days to onboard a new client. Now we can onboard AND complete client deliverables in 30 days."
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Business operations are at the heart of every company.

They can empower a business to gain a competitive edge over other companies in the market, optimize employee performance, increase productivity, and drive sales.

All things that any business owner strives to do.

But what happens if you don’t necessarily know how to implement a good operational strategy? Where do you start? What tools do you need?

That’s exactly where Farrah Allen, Founder and CEO of The Labz, found herself when she reached out to Business Laid Bare (BLB) back in June of 2021.

Let’s hear her story and discover how BLB gave her the knowledge, power, and confidence to succeed.

Let’s Meet Farah Allen

Farah Allen is the Founder and CEO of The Labz, a SaaS company that creates virtual experiences and interactive events.

Their goal is to help business leaders and creatives of all types compete and thrive in the metaverse era. They created a platform where users can design digital spaces, tailored to their needs and visions, that facilitate more impactful audience engagement than what’s possible with standard websites or video conferences, or even real-life experiences.
In addition to their innovative software, The Labz also provides Done-for-You services which select clients by setting up everything inside the software including things like rooms, aesthetics, videos, and branding. Whatever components are needed to make this incredible experience go live, The Labz will provide.

Some of their notable clients include The Emmys, Comcast, and Salesforce.

Farah's Biggest Problem

Like many business founders, Farah was able to identify areas that needed improvement within her current business operations. Still, she wasn’t sure how or where to begin solving the problems at hand.

Overwhelmed with the day-to-day tasks of running her own business, she reached out to BLB in hopes of getting a little extra help.

Farah’s biggest problem was that her current business operations didn’t feel like a true system — they had bandages on them, but she wasn’t sure how long those would last. She needed a permanent system that would help put her in a position to thrive.

The complexity of the sales process was also prohibiting her business from achieving its overall revenue goals.

That’s where Veronica and the incredible team at BLB came in.

The Solution

Farah’s goal was two-fold: she wanted to increase her overall revenue to $1.5M while also being able to handle that growth with ease.

Creating operations that made running her business easier was key.

In order to make sure Farah reached her goals, the BLB team completed an audit on her current systems in order to create a path that would work for her and her needs.

BLB came up with some proposed solutions that would create more streamlined, efficient, and successful business operations.

Here are just a few of the processes that would need to be implemented into The Labz’s overall business strategy:

  • Increase their overall knowledge base
  • Improve their project management systems
  • Improve overall team communication
  • Develop new hire onboarding and training processes
  • Streamline their offer packaging, proposal, and delivery process
  • Create a thorough sales process
  • Implement new tech stack and automation that tied all the systems together

Upon the completion of the audit, Farrah now had a plan of attack for achieving her goals.

She also knew exactly who could help her get there.

What Were the Expected Outcomes from Business Laid Bare's Done-for-You Program?

Through working with BLB, Farah was able to truly revolutionize her business operations systems.

After implementing the proposed solutions that BLB had offered, she not only saw a dramatic improvement in the customer experience, but her newly revamped operations led to 4x the amount of efficiency and client capacity without burnout.

That’s what we like to call a win-win-win.

More importantly, Farrah’s new operational systems gave her and her staff more confidence in their abilities and decision-making. It empowered them to think big, take chances, and grow, both as professionals and in business.


When Farah was first developing the idea of The Labz, she envisioned a platform that would allow people’s stories to shine. With the help of BLB, she is now fully equipped to continue giving people the opportunity to engage and thrive in the virtual era.

Not only that, but she can do so in a way that exemplifies her passion, purpose, and drive.

Through the implementation of Orgasmic Operations, BLB helped Farah scale with ease, feel in control, and focus on doing what she loves.

And we’re here to help you do the same.

We’re Business Laid Bare, and we’re dedicated to helping your organization have an incredible impact through developing a solid operations strategy.

We support our clients like Farah who are needing an operations overhaul, but also those looking to refine their already properly functioning operation strategy and train their next up-and-coming managers to be operations connoisseurs.

Let’s talk about how Orgasmic Operations can help you create the business of your dreams!

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"Before I reached out to you, I was just in a state of confusion; I had a lot of movement in the business and knew that if I didn't find a scalable option for organizing my operations it was going to fail. After working with Business Laid Bare, all of our systems are connected and talk to each other, making it so much easier to grow and scale with a team confidently. You made sure my business backend was covered!"
Farah Allen

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