[Just The Tip] Set Team Communication Standards

Are you Just talking or actually communicating? SOPs aren’t the only thing that helps keep a business well-lubricated. Here’s another consideration: how you and your team communicate. Talking is getting a message or information across. Communication is taking it one step further where that information/message is successfully received—either as an FYI or for further action. Business Laid […]

Just The Tip: Document how your brain works

How does your brain work? Did you know that in kink, you can play with more than just someone’s body? When you go deeper, playing with someone’s mind and body takes things up many notches. Personally, that’s how I love to play, which is why I’m selective about who I play with. When you can […]

Just The Tip: Where is it sticky?

Business is already hard enough as it is It gets infinitely harder when you’re forced to do things that don’t align with who you are and how you want and best show up in this world. So, if you’re reading this email, pop this cherry with me! I’ve found something that allows me to show […]

Episode 17- Building a Business That Serves You

This episode of The Business Whip is slightly different from the norm! I am sharing a roundtable discussion I was invited to with Julien Recoussine and Hayden Humphrey to talk about showing up authentically in your business and how to run a business that suits and serves you!

Episode 15- Simplicity in Your Systems with Mariana Peña

In this episode, Mariana offers us a look into how she bridges the gap between facilitator and learner experiences to help create courses that make an impact. She believes that working with people of color will change the landscape by offering different perspectives of the world. We talk about what this means, and she shares why it is something she is so passionate about. Be sure to tune in to hear it all!

Episode 14- 3 Things Your Business Needs to be Ready to Hire

As a business owner, your time is precious, and making a new hire can bring immense value to your schedule and your business, but is your business ready to hire? Today, I am joined by our terrific operations strategist, Terri M. LeBlanc, to discuss the intricacies of the hiring process and how to use onboarding to ensure the best outcome for everyone involved!

Episode 13- Empowering Women to Embrace Their Sexuality with Thien-Kim Lam

Today we are joined by Thien-Kim Lam who is on a mission to empower women’s sexuality, both on the page and in the bedroom. We discuss how sex plays into Asian culture and how some of us had to resort to books for our sexual education. Thien-Kim explains how Asian people are typically represented in books and the media and how the lack of seeing people like herself in romance novels led her to become an author.