The Assessment Onboarding!

Welcome, welcome! Let’s get you onboarded!

One of the main reasons why we’re able to be so efficient in our Assessments is because we’ve got our onboarding process down and have identified what everyone (us, you, your team) needs to do so that we can work our magic without running into issues. Below are the step-by-step onboarding instructions we need you to do! Thank you! We can’t wait to work with you.


Watch the Welcome Video

We believe in transparency, so watch the video below to get an idea of what the Assessment process looks like before you begin:


Book Your Debrief Call

Please only pick dates where you (and/or your fellow decision-makers) can attend the Debrief Call.

On your Debrief call, we’ll discuss:

  1. What we’ve found / insights
  2. Answer any and all questions or areas of clarification you have
  3. Discuss your Implementation Roadmap and why we compiled it that way AND
  4. Next steps for your business on implementing it (and whether or not you’d like to partner with Business Laid Bare to do so)

Because we love a good work back schedule, whatever day you book your Debrief call on, it sets the date of when your Assessment will begin and when also gives you and the BLB team clear expectations on when you need to get things to us by so that we have everything we need to do our job well. We do Debriefs on Wednesdays (HUMP DAY!) which means your Assessment will start on the Monday the week prior.


Schedule Your Prep Call

Instead of asking you to fill in an onboarding questionnaire that probably spans 100+ questions, we’d just rather be efficient and talk to you and your team for 60-90 minutes (depending on how many people join). Please invite all the important decision-makers and/or core team members you feel are appropriate to giving us the information we are looking for.

Because we need time to digest the call and do behind-the-scenes stuff, please schedule your Prep Call with us as soon as possible. You can schedule your Prep Call up to THREE business days before your Assessment begins.

You don’t need to do anything to prepare for this call. We will be asking you questions that you know the answers to, from overall business landscape and goals to how you use certain systems.

STEP 3a.

Team Interview Scheduling

Being People-First + Pleasure-Filled means we’ll also want to interview core team members individually (if applicable). 

Core meaning—people that support the day-to-day of the business and/or support the revenue streams (think facilitator, coach, service provider in your organization).

Again, we’d like this done as soon as possible with the latest being THREE business days prior to when your Assessment begins. Please send this link for them to book their 20-minute interview:


Send Us Logins

We’ll need access into your business so that we can go in and see how things are set up, running, or plugged up and keeping you chained to your business without your enthusiastic consent.

What this means is sharing apps/software/things you and your business uses on a daily and weekly business to run your business via LastPass or a self-destructing link ( if you don’t have LastPass.

Some resources for you:

Please have ALL logins and apps shared at least 3 business days before your Assessment begins to The earlier you share your logins, the better the Business Laid Bare team can prep!

If you have Google Drive documents to share, please share the folder(s) to DO NOT share with us your Google login.

Undoubtedly, we’ll run into 2-Factor Authentication issues during your Assessment, we’ll grab the easiest way to communicate with you and your team for those validation moments during the Prep Call.


Dubsado Questionnaires

During your onboarding process, you’ll receive emails to fill out two questionnaires in Dubsado:

  • A quick onboarding questionnaire that gives us a 30,000-ft view
  • A dietary considerations questionnaire so that we can send you treats you actually want and can eat!

Thank you for helping us be efficient!