Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator

It's time to Scale your business with pleasure, ease, and sustainability

The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator is self-paced hands-on group learning experience with tons of 1-on-1 support, where we’ll do two things:

1. Build the right operational systems that will help you find your G(rowth) Spot, smash through that capacity ceiling, and get you out of the day-to-day for good…


2. Train your operations person in how to create a holistic operations strategy that supports your vision and helps your business make the impact you it’s capable of…


“It’s like, every time I sign a new client, instead of celebrating, I’m secretly freaking the fuck out…”

👆This isn’t a confidence issue. It’s an Operations issue.

And what if…solving this Ops issue…could also help you breakthrough that capacity ceiling you keep hitting…

Positioning you to perfectly hit your G(rowth) Spot…and make the impact you’ve wanted to since Day 1?

Hello, fellow CEO,

You probably already know your major roadblock to making your mark is your operations. (If you didn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here.) Which means you’ve probably also tried a few of these things:

And yet, somehow, your business is still a mess, you’re still the bottle neck, and everything has to run through you.

Meanwhile, deep down inside…

You know your business could be so much more than what it is right now…

You know you can take this business to 7 or 8 figures and beyond (you’ve done the math – it checks out!)…

You know you can make a huge difference, for both your clients and your team…

You know you can make a real impact on the world and leave a lasting mark behind…

But how do you get there? And why hasn’t fixing your Operations helped?

Well, let me explain…

Hi, I'm Veronica.

Founder of Business Laid Bare (BLB for short), a Digital Operations Agency serving women-powered service-based businesses.
I founded BLB after studying Product Design at Stanford, because my forays into the corporate world working for companies like Apple and Nike revealed that I’m terrible at following someone else’s cookie-cutter plan
The systems I had to use at those large companies chafed. They didn’t work well, they were unintuitive, and they didn’t serve the needs of me or my team.

I hated it! I wanted nothing more than to fix it…but I didn’t have the authority to do that, even though my studies at Stanford had given me the exact tools I needed to do just that!

My Entire Education Centered Around Human-Centered Design

Human-Centered Design is an approach to problem-solving that focuses on understanding the person or organization who experiences a problem, their needs, and whether the solution that has been designed for them is truly meeting those needs.

In other words: does the thing I built to solve your problem feel good to use? Yes? Great.

If it feels good to use, people will use it.

If it doesn’t, they won’t.

It’s as simple as that.

That’s why I created the Orgasmic Operations® method.

The Orgasmic Operation® Method is a strategic approach to operations that combines People + Purpose + Process to create systems that feel good for everyone in your business to use.

Orgasmic Operations® is when your business feels so good to run, going to work is better than sex.

It’s when you – the visionary CEO – can stay in your zone of genius doing the work that fills you up and brings your vision to life, because everything else is taken care of.

It’s when you 100% trust your business and your team to carry on without you if you’ve got a family emergency or go on vacation.

It’s when your systems are custom designed for your business’ needs + the people using them instead of relying on cookie-cutter templates from some “systems guru”.

It’s when your tech stack is perfectly aligned with your needs, so that everything is automated, slick, and feels super good to use.

It’s when you can hit all those revenue goals because your capacity ceilings are a thing of the past.

It’s when you hit your G(rowth) Spot – booking dozens of dream clients – because you’re confident your business and your team can deliver high-quality work on time, everytime.

Orgasmic Operations® Can Do This Because It’s People-First, Pleasure-Based, and Platform-Agnostic

People First

The needs of the people using the system are the #1 criteria for success.


If it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t go in the system. Period.


Apps and other tools are picked specifically to fit how you work.

Basically, it’s a system for building systems. So you can build the exact systems your business needs whenever you need them.

(And not just when you’re in a crisis because you’ve got too much work to manage and you need some way to keep track of everything!)

We’ve tested + refined this method on dozens of clients, with all different kinds of businesses…

Let’s be real – what got you to 6-figures, won’t get you to 7-figures or 8-figures and beyond…

To break through that capacity (and confidence) ceiling you keep bumping into…

To get you to a place where you’re excited to sign new clients instead of secretly dreading it…

To get you out of the day-to-day and keep you in your zone of genius permanently…

You’re going to have to tackle the operational issues that are the root cause of these roadblocks.

To do that, you need to do 2 things…

#1: Don’t just run the day-to-day – BUILD IT

We’ve worked with dozens of smart, talented, and excellent CEOs, Integrators and ops people over the years. 

They were all super capable, and great at their jobs. But so many of them had no idea how to build a system from scratch. 

They flat out told us: “I don’t know how to build something from nothing.”

These Integrators and Operations experts are excellent at running the day-to-day and are a fantastic addition to any team … but building the day-to-day is another task entirely. 

Because instead of maintaining or refining something, building the-day-to-day can feel like making something from nothing. 

Building the day-to-day involves crafting the right systems – from scratch! – that support your overall vision for the business and help you make the impact you’ve been longing to make. 

These systems are specifically designed to keep you in your zone of genius (and your team in theirs) so instead of running around putting out fires, you’re rocking the visionary, world-changing parts of your work that fill you up like nothing else. 

But before you can build your day-to-day, you need something else first…

#2: Create an Operations Strategy that supports your vision – and keeps you in your visionary zone of genius, not stuck in Ops!

You know why cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf systems don’t work for most people?

They’re not crafted around your vision!

They don’t take your needs into account.

And they’re not designed specifically for your business, to help you reach your goals.

Your Operations Strategy must support your business goals and vision – including you not being the ops person! – otherwise the systems you create will end up working against you.

They’ll either keep you in the day-to-day (where you definitely don’t want to be!)…

Or they’ll work against your business goals…taking your business in the wrong direction, downplaying your impact, and slowing your growth.

What if there was a way to tackle both these problems at once?

Fixing your operations issue…

Blasting through your capacity ceiling…

Finding your G(rowth) Spot…

And getting you out of the day-to-day for good…

Well, there is!

Introducing… The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator

A self-paced hands-on group learning experience with tons of 1-on-1 support, where we’ll do two things:

1. Build the right operational systems that will help you find your G(rowth) Spot, smash through that capacity ceiling, and get you out of the day-to-day for good…


2. Train your operations person in how to create a holistic operations strategy that supports your vision and helps your business make the impact you it’s capable of…


Send us your Integrator or Operations expert and, in just 6 months (or less!), we’ll show them how to:

you’ll walk away with 7+ systems, and a repeatable process your team can use to build every system your business will ever need – at any size!

The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator

Here's how it works..

Module 0:

  • Getting Started

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to the welcome module! With some pre-planning materials, a full course roadmap, and more, it's got everything you need to get started.

Module 1:

  • Knowledge Base

It might not sound sexy, but having a knowledge base is critically important to Orgasmic Operations®. It stores every piece of knowledge you have about your company, so your team can search it instead of searching your calendar for time to pick your brain.

Module 2:

  • Project Management

You're known for doing high-quality work, so keep everyone on track, hit those deadlines, and feel good every step of the way with a Project Management system completely customized to your project workflow.

Module 3:

  • Offer Packaging + Delivery

Delivering your offer as efficiently and with as much ease as possible is the key to scaling while feeling good. In this module, we put all the pieces together to get a highly repeatable, high-quality, easy to deliver offer you and your team love doing.

Module 4:

  • Client Inquires + Payments
Business run on getting paid, so let's make that process as easy as possible! Together we'll build out your lead tracking and client inquiry systems, and make sure taking payment when those deals close is smooth, easy, and lands in your bank account ASAP.

Module 5:

  • Onboarding + Offboarding

Open and close your client engagements in an unforgettable manner with onboarding that makes them feel like they're at a 5-star resort, and off-boarding that makes them want to come back again and again. (Or at least, refer you to everyone they know!)

Module 6:

  • Moving Forward

Now that you've got some practice, we'll show you (or your integrator) how to use the Orgasmic Ops framework to create any kind of system that your business needs in the future as we wind down and make the last few tweaks to your brand new backend!

The Accelerator isn’t just another course where you’ll sign up for a new app, set up a few automations, link a few things together, and call it done.

We’ve created an immersive, hands-on experience designed to help you learn systems theory through practical application. You’ll learn while doing and have all the tools you need to build your own systems, from scratch, whenever you need to. This is about teaching you how to create your own operations strategy. One fully customized to your business, your people, and your own needs. While also building out the core systems that will help you find your G(rowth) Spot and make the impact you know you can.

Even though it's a done in a group setting, you'll get the kind of 1-on-1 attention your business needs.

Building systems is hard because, when it comes to operations, you don’t know what you don’t know!

When we build systems for clients, our engagements start at $15,000 for just 3 months – that’s after our $5,000 Assessment, where we figure out exactly what needs to be built. Other consultants charge similarly.

Even some off-the-shelf systems can cost thousands of dollars…but they’re:

  1. Not customized to your business and
  2. Don’t teach you anything about creating your own systems, that actually work for you!

The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator, however, will help you build out the systems you need to scale…while also teaching you the operations strategy you need to keep your business running slick and smooth forever.

Enrollment is currently closed.

Our next cohort begins in early Q1 2023!

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We designed this program to be action-Oriented

You’ll have access to the program, office hours, and community for six (6) months with the option to renew access after.

Actions speak louder than intentions. We know that when our clients and students take action, magic happens. We don’t want this to be just another purchase that collects dust; the lessons are succinct (most are less than 8 minutes long) and actionable.


$ 850
  • 6 modules
  • Video lessons
  • Workbooks + examples
  • 6 months of access to everything with options to renew

Group Coaching

Course, Community, + Coaching
$ 2,500
  • 6 modules
  • Video lessons
  • Workbooks + examples
  • Weekly office hours (recorded)
  • Option to invite an additional team member to go through this with you
  • Private Community in Heartbeat
  • 6 months of access to everything with options to renew

We Believe In Orgasmic Operations® So Much… We’ve Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is!

The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator is backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 

Basically, you can go through the entire Accelerator… 

Come to all the office hours…

Build out your systems…

If you can show that you’ve done the work for the six (6) core modules, and you’re still unhappy with the level of support and training you’ve received, we’ll refund your investment in full.

Your Business Has The Potential To Be Impactful, Profitable, and Sustainable

Every business does. All it takes is choosing the right systems, tools, and processes that suit your needs and feel good to use. 

Choosing those systems, tools, and processes is a skill – one we can teach you and your ops department!

So the next time something breaks or one of your needs changes…you have everything you need to switch to something that feels better…that’s more suited to your needs…and that helps you reach your goals with ease. 

Start popping the champagne every time you sign a new client, instead of secretly dreading it

Because how are you going to change the world and leave your mark, if you’re drowning in the day-to-day, constantly putting out fires, and don’t have the time and space to do the kind of visionary work that will move your business forward?

You can’t.

Join us in the Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator

Build out the systems that will get you out of the day to day in 6 months or less.

And gain the skills that will keep you out of the day-to-day and in your zone of genius for good!


The Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator is a self-paced interactive, hands-on group learning experience where you (or your Integrator or ops person) will do two things:

  1. Build out the 7 core systems every business needs to successfully deliver and scale an offer
  2. Learn our Orgasmic Operations® framework for building systems, so you have a repeatable process you can use any time you need to build a new system in your business ever again.

Orgasmic Operations® is our trademarked framework for building systems. It focuses first on the needs of the people using the system + the purpose or goal of the system, then creates processes that feel good to use while also moving your business forward.

By focusing on the needs of the people using the system, Orgasmic Operations® can select tools that both feel good to use and solve the problems you’re having. It’s a repeatable framework that you can use for any system, which makes it extremely valuable to your team. As you grow, your businesses’ needs will change, and so will your systems. The Orgasmic Operations® framework gives you an easy, reliable process to create new systems as you need them, and modify your existing systems to better suit your business’s needs as they change.

Because the Accelerator is always open for enrollment, this is considered self-paced with everyone starting at different times. 

Regardless of when you start, you have six (6) months access to the program with options to renew access to the content, coaching, and community.

The enrollment cost for the Orgasmic Operations® Accelerator is $850 USD for the self-study (course only) or $2,500 USD for the course, community, and coaching

For the Self-Study…no.

For the Group Coaching, yes with 4 monthly payments of $625 USD.

That’s perfect! Send us whoever’s in charge of running your business – your Integrator, Ops person, project manager, OBM, etc. We’ll train them for you, so the two of you can work together as a team, each in your own zone of genius!
Our office hours are staggered, which should allow most people to be on at least one of the Q&A calls. If you have to miss some for any reason, they’re all recorded and will be uploaded to the learning center once complete. Additionally, we’d be happy to record answers specifically to your questions via Loom videos so that you can get the feedback you need.

We know that when our students put in the work, they get incredible results. We don’t want this program to be another program you buy that will collect dust.

When we ran this Accelerator live, it was for 3 months and all our students completed the program with immense success.

There are 2 things that could happen:

  1. You’ll no longer have access to the content, coaching, or community OR
  2. You have the option to renew access to everything and get continued support as you build and refine your systems and operations

Great! Shoot an email to and we’ll answer your questions lickety split!