What Are Orgasmic Operations?

At The Heart Of Orgasmic Operations is Human Centered Design

Orgasmic Operations are when your business feels so good to run going to work feels better than sex. It’s when you – the visionary CEO – can stay in your zone of genius doing the work that fills you up and brings your vision to life, because everything else is taken care of. It’s when your systems are custom designed for your business’ needs + the people using them instead of relying on cookie-cutter templates from some “systems guru”.

Your business and your people are unique, and just like off-the-rack latex gear, cookie-cutter systems templates only work for a select few people (like supermodels)! Orgasmic Operations are systems that are custom tailored to fit all of the needs of your business – including the needs of the people using those systems.

Human-Centered design is an approach to problem-solving that focuses on understanding the person or organization who experiences a problem, their needs, and whether the solution that has been designed for them is truly meeting those needs.

Human Centered Design Is:

People First

Untangle the Hot Mess of Your Business with a Backend Assessment. We go deep into your operations to figure out what’s chafing, where, and develop your custom plan for creating your wet-dream business operations.


Crack The Whip & Clean Up! Whip your business into shape by putting in place your custom-designed systems (from yours truly), re-training your team, and making your operations feel so good you won’t want to leave your desk…even though now, you can!


Refinement and Continuous Consulting. Keep your business running smoothly with regular “wellness check-ins” to make sure your systems and people are still doing what you need them to do…and figure out how to fine-tune them if you’ve gotten off track!

We Marry People + Purpose + Process

Book a consult call and we’ll talk about if Orgasmic Operations can help you create the business of your (wet) dreams!

Our Orgasmic Operations process focuses on understanding the people and purpose of your business.
Then, we build processes to support both of those!
By taking into account your needs, your team’s needs, and your vision for your business, we can create customized systems and processes that feel amazing to use, serve your long-term business goals, and support the people working in (and on!) your business.

Orgasmic Operations Stop…

If It’s Not Orgasmic, Don’t Settle!

We truly believe that, if your business isn’t orgasmic, it can – and should! – be. You should never have to settle for a business where you’re chained to your desk (against your will).

Book a consult call and we’ll talk about if Orgasmic Operations can help you create the business of your (wet) dreams!

The Business Whip

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