7 Systems

If you’re “too busy” running around putting out fires to deal with ops…you need to deal with your ops. Except where do you start?!

Our FREE guide: Better Than Sex: The 7 Essential Systems For Orgasmic Operations was designed to answer that exact question.

Inside this workbook, you’ll discover…

The 7 key operational systems that are absolutely essential to your business growth (hint: none of them are your marketing!)
Which system you should whip into shape first (usually the one giving you recurring nightmares)
What you can do in less than an hour to start making your operations more orgasmic

Hi, I'm Veronica.

From the spreadsheets to the bedsheets I am completely open about who I am: CEO, kinky, and feminist. Using my Orgasmic Operations® method I help CEOs create well-lubricated and orgasmic digital operations to make their next level of business insanely pleasurable, productive, and ultimately profitable.

At Business Laid Bare, a digital operations agency, we strive to create human-centered operations that focus on the people doing the work, hold space for clients without judgment, and create solutions that are rooted in empathy, compassion, and embracing differences that make people unique.

If it’s not orgasmic, don’t settle!