Build an Immensely Peaceful + Profitable Business with Pleasurable Processes!

You Know Your Business; We Know How to Make It Run Reliably Without You.

We specialize in designing the systems and processes that handle growth with ease. As Fractional COOs and Revenue Operations (RevOps) Consultants, we partner with our clients to achieve their income and impact goals by implementing smooth, reliable, and automated operations that last.

Explore the systems and focus areas we can help you with:


Internal Operations—team-facing systems and processes that influence how the daily work experience go to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Project Management

No more balls dropped—when planning and keeping track of tasks, client deliverables, marketing campaigns, or team workload becomes a breeze, you don’t have to worry about missed deadlines or balls being dropped anymore.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge is power and confidence—creating effective documentation (and a centralized place to store them) that all team members reference and use creates consistency and promotes accountability.

Team Communication

It’s more than “Sign up for Slack”—setting up clear communication standards and layering appropriate tech and automations on top make knowledge transfer and action-taking more efficient.

New Hire Onboarding + Training

Set them up for success—having a clear and comprehensive onboarding/training experience helps your new hires hit the ground running confidently so you don’t have to play “glorified babysitter”.


Revenue Operations—buyer-facing systems and processes that optimize revenue and growth.

Customer Journey

An intentional and curated experience—when you intentionally design and operationalize your customer journey, your buyers get to be delighted and your team members involved can execute their part in the process with ease and effectiveness.


Make it easy to deliver—whether your company is being paid for your services, products, or both, make delivering what your buyers paid for easy to execute so you never hit capacity ceilings.

Sales Process

A roadmap to revenue—make it easy for your sales team, process, and automation to move your leads and prospects into customers.

Retention Systems

Increased Lifetime Value (LTV)—shore up your retention strategies and systems to diversify and increase your revenue streams.


Marketing Operations—prospect-facing systems and processes that promote your company and its products and/or services.

Email Marketing

Targeted emails that convert—set up the appropriate email marketing tags, automations, and segmentations that help you understand exactly what your prospects want from you.


Stop leaving money on the table—having a robust CRM allows you and revenue teams to easily manage leads in your sales funnel and have more insight into customers who are ready to buy more.


No more bottenecks—when your company is supported and running through key automations that work on your behalf, the business runs while you’re sleeping or taking a vacation.

Content Marketing

Make creating content a breeze—setting up a content marketing or editorial calendar allows your marketing efforts to be reliable, especially when there are multiple people and platforms involved.

Work with Business Laid Bare

Meet the team behind your soon-to-be pleasurable processes and operational practices that get your venture ready for that Sudden Rapid Growth.

Our signature “done-with-you” operations implementation program to help you implement the smooth, scalable, and automated systems that run reliably without you.

We go deep into your operations to figure out what’s chafing, where, and develop your custom plan for creating business operations that runs like a well-lubricated machine.

The whole shebang—operations audits, done-for-you systems implementation, ops team hiring, training, mentorship, and more.

"But Operations Aren't Sexy..."

We know that one of the biggest impacts to a company’s overall long-term success is having well-organized, streamlined ops.

What happens when your marketing and sales do their jobs so well that your company experiences a massive influx of customers? Can your business handle the demand with ease and grace? Or, would it feel like drinking out of a firehose?

Business Laid Bare helps fast-growing, mission-driven companies dial in their operations TODAY so that they are completely prepared to handle growth—no matter how sudden or rapid—and skip the chaotic and growing pains of TOMORROW.

“Building-the-plane-as-you’re-flying-it” doesn’t work. Trust us, operations is sexy…especially when everything is running smoothly.

Our Orgasmic Operations® Method is rooted in creating processes that feel “Big O” good to the folks using them. Let us show you what People-First + Pleasure-Filled Processes can do for your business bliss.

Meet the team

Meet the team behind your soon-to-be pleasurable processes and operational practices that get your company prepped for explosive growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I partner with you?

As early as possible—the earlier you have and dial in your operations, you take the pain out of growing and eliminate revenue and operational capacity ceilings. When you have your growth systems ready to go, you don’t have to “build the plane as you’re flying it” and experience the stress and Frankensystems that come with it.

How long do we work together?

Depending on what you need, here’s how we work:

  1. The Business Whip—our signature year-long “done-with-you” operations implementation program that helps you automate the systems keeping you tied up.
  2. Operations Audits—it takes us at most 10 business days to thoroughly audit your business operations and give you an implementation roadmap and action plan geared towards scalable success.
  3. Fractional COO Services—considered our “Whole Shebang”, this is our 12-month engagement where we do everything for you: audit your operations, implement the roadmap we defined, and help train your operations team member to replace us and be the COO you need.
What if I don't have an ops person on my team?

That’s okay! We’ll take care of everything for your business. We’ll ask for your help here and there (because we can’t read minds YET!) on some things. You’ll use the time we have together to find the perfect operations hire to join your team while we’re implementing your operations roadmap and action plan from your Assessment.

That way, you’re not reactively hiring AND your eventual team member will be able to hit the ground running thanks to the systems and processes we’ve implemented.

What if I do have an ops person on my team?

The more the merrier! Business Laid Bare will still take on most of the work. We’ll use this time we have together to partner with your operations specialist so that everyone can focus on what we all do best. Your operations person will serve as a liaison as well get trained up by us to further support you, your team, and your venture.

we've created well-lubricated and Orgasmic Operations® for Many Industries

  • Business Coaching + Consulting
  • DEI Consulting
  • High-Performance Textiles
  • Prenatal + Postpartum Services
  • Branding Strategy + Design
  • Copywriting
  • Email Marketing
  • Women’s Intimates
  • Sexual Health Products
  • Non-Profits
  • Pet Businesses
  • Handbags
  • Yoga
  • Watershed Planning + Hardscapes
  • Sexuality Education + Coaching
  • Amazon Listing Management
  • Accounting + Bookkeeping
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Venture Studios
  • SaaS
  • Education Consulting
  • STEM Professional Development
  • Food Services
  • Immigration Services
  • Marketing Automation
  • Corporate Burnout Relief
  • Men’s Facial Care
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Hypnosis Therapy
  • Instructional Design
  • Kink + BDSM Toys
  • Dessert + Bagel Shops
  • Ceremonial Cacao
  • Marketing + Communication
  • IP + Legal Consulting

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